First Selectman Update 5.14.2021

We will send out periodic updates from the Selectmen’s office as well as a monthly list of committee and commission meetings. In addition, we will use this email program to send out notices of events concerning public safety such as weather and road closures. This message program will not include notices from our various no-for-profit organizations unless there are occasional links in our town messages.

Covid Update
On May 19th Governor Lamont will issue new guidelines for Covid restrictions as they apply to public gatherings. These will help us to evaluate our policies for public meetings and town programs at the Grove and other public venues. In the meantime, most town facilities are open, and the Town Hall remains open by appointment or walk-in via the foyer, where all paperwork is available as well as telephone appointments with staff.

Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission
The Salisbury Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission (IWWC) has proposed updated regulations to comply with state requirements and also to extend the review area for activities in upland areas adjacent to wetlands and watercourses. Some of the proposed changes have generated concerns from lake property owners and it is hoped that a constructive dialogue will result and we will find creative ways to balance the rights of property owners with the need to preserve the ecological values that make Salisbury’s lakes and wetlands so special.

Roads and Safety
We have several projects in the final stages of planning and bidding, including crosswalk beacons in the center of Salisbury as well as the Rail Trail crosswalk on Salmon Kill Road. Also nearing construction bidding are 2 sidewalk extensions in Salisbury from the Library to Salmon Kill Road and from Lincoln City Road to Brook Street.

A special thank you to Emily Egan and the other staff members who helped to upgrade the town website; we encourage you to use the website regularly for important information that has greater detail than what we provide in this periodic newsletter.