Lakeville Village Planning Study

February 8, 2024

A social media post by the Lakeville Conservancy followed by a subsequent newspaper advertisement have come to the attention of the Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC) and the Land Use Office. Both the social media post and Lakeville Journal advertisement incorrectly assert that the PZC is “moving forward to officially propose” paving substantial portions of municipally owned parks and green spaces in the center of Lakeville.

The PZC has not made any “official proposal” to alter municipal facilities. The PZC, in their statutory planning capacity, have retained planning consultants to provide outside perspectives, identifying and providing strategies to address long-term community needs. These studies are part of the PZC’s statutorily mandated ten-year update to the Town’s Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD).

The Lakeville Village Planning Study, conducted by Colliers Engineering in 2023 (available below), contains concepts and recommendations. These may or may not be ultimately implemented by the Town. However, these concepts and recommendations will be considered by the PZC for inclusion in the POCD.  Once the PZC has adopted its draft POCD, a public hearing(s) will be held prior to its official adoption.

Inclusion of a concept or recommendation in the POCD does not constitute an “official proposal” for development. It is not the role of the PZC to implement development projects. Rather, the PZC through its POCD provides an advisory framework to address long-term community needs consistent with the Growth Management Principals of the State of Connecticut’s Conservation & Development Plan.

Background Information

Background information regarding the Lakeville Planning Study is available on this page including the request for proposal, response from Colliers Engineering, details regarding the public engagement session, a map of the study area, and public engagement questionnaire.