Torrington Area Health District

Cathy Weber, Sanitarian
Phone Number: 860-435-0806, Salisbury Office
Email: [email protected]
Torrington Office: 860-489-0436
Hours in Salisbury: Wednesday and Friday 8:30am to 10:30am

     The Torrington Area Health Department is privileged to be the local Health Department of the Town of Salisbury. Since 1988 the TAHD has served the people of Salisbury in matters of public health, environmental issues, land use and disease prevention. A registered sanitarian is assigned to the Salisbury field office two days per week.
During other hours the Town enjoys the comprehensive coverage of eight state registered sanitarians, environmental technicians, knowledgeable office staff and a myriad of programs and offerings not typical of a single town health department.

     Please follow the link to the ever-changing website Torrington Area Health for news, program information, health related links and application forms. You’ll find the following applications on the website listed above:

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