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In 2018, the Town of Salisbury received a Community Connectivity Grant of $400,000 from the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT). This grant was earmarked for the construction of a sidewalk between Lincoln City Road and Brook Street. The Salisbury Pathways Committee is sending this letter to inform you that this project is expected to break ground in the spring or summer of 2021. Since 2017, Salisbury Pathways Committee has worked diligently with community members, CT State DOT, Town Selectmen, and the engineering firm of SLR International to fulfil all grant requirements for feasibility and design.

The proposed sidewalk will begin at Lincoln City Road and extend in the northerly direction on the west side of Main Street for approximately 900 feet to a proposed prefabricated pedestrian bridge across Pettee Brook.  The sidewalk will continue north for approximately 300 feet to a point just north of Brook Street where a crosswalk equipped with signage and flashing beacons will be provided to access a proposed sidewalk along the frontage of Lakeville Hose Company. This will allow easier access to Brook Street and the Rail Trail for biking and walking.  

The majority of the proposed improvements will be constructed within the state-owned or town-owned right-of-way; therefore, the acquisition of private property will not be required.  Temporary rights to grade or reconstruct driveways during construction may be required and will be coordinated with property owners during the project’s final design phase.  

Persons with limited internet access may request project information be mailed.

Thank you,
Salisbury Pathway Committee

Click HERE For Connectivity Sidewalk Grant Preliminary Design Plans


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