Pope Committee

The Committee will meet at least bi-monthly (minimum of 6x per year) to review uses for the 59 acre former Pope property on Salmon Kill Road. Uses may include housing, conservation, recreation, economic development, agriculture, and other uses as suggested by citizens of the Town. The Committee will meet in duly noticed public meetings and will report to the Board of Selectmen semi-annually and the Town Meeting annually. The Selectmen will elect the first Chairman and the Town will provide secretarial and administrative services. It is likely that the Committee would elect a Vice Chairman in the early meetings.

Committee MembersEmailMember of Board/Committee/
Tom Callahan, Chairman[email protected]Salisbury Historic District Commission
Sally SpillaneInland/Wetland & Watercourses Commission
Martin WhalenPlanning & Zoning
Lisa McAuliffeRecreation Commission
Jim DresserSalisbury Affordable Housing Commission
Mat Kiefer

Pope Land Committee Report, 12/2020


For copies of minutes, that are not posted, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office, 860-435-5182.